THURSDAYS | Ceramics and Pottery with Pauline

Time:     2:00pm - 3:00pm

Dates: 09/15 to 12/08 (NO Class Oct. 27th and Nov. 24th)

Cost:      $250 (11 weeks)

Grades: 2nd to 4th


During our eleven-week class the students at HGR will gain a fundamental understanding of all the different possibilities working with clay. We will learn the use of ceramic tools, how to make clay slabs, cylinders, incising, relief work, mosaic inlay work, and much more. Also, our young sculptures  will learn the basic technics of hand-building pottery and make useful projects such as bowls, cups, plates. All the class materials are included in the class price. Please, come in and join the fun.


THURSDAYS | Ceramics and Pottery with Pauline