MONDAYS | Did Someone Say Science?

Dates: 9/13 to 12/06 (NO Class on Oct-18th and Nov-22nd)

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Length: 11 Weeks

Grades: 1st to 4th


Discover the mystery in chemistry by exploring physical and chemical reactions. Learn about conductors, insulators, transistors, current and other elements of the world of circuit electricity. Learn the fundamentals of flight by building your own stunt planes! You'll be a Top Gun before you know it! Experiment with gravity, inertia and centripetal force. Learn the science behind illusions and mind-reading! It's not magic- it's science!


Discover the hidden strength of triangles, arches and cylinders to build your own super-structure! Uncover the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air. Make air pockets with zing and levitate ping-pong balls! Explore how meteorologists study weather and how clouds form. Learn how air temperature affects weather.

MONDAYS | Did Someone Say Science?